What should I pay attention to when buying a gaming keyboard?

Many gaming keyboards are different – sometimes more times less – and are therefore also suitable for different types of players. In this article, I will tell you what to look out for when you are searching for a new keyboard and how to find your perfect gaming keyboard.

Occasional or professional gamer

If you’re more of a casual gamer, you don’t necessarily need an expensive keyboard. Because you spend less time on your computer than a professional gamer, your keyboard doesn’t have to withstand as much and certain functions are not as important to you. Nevertheless, an expensive keyboard offers certain advantages, which a keyboard does not have for under $50. If your budget allows it, you won’t usually regret buying an expensive keyboard. However, a cheap keyboard is completely sufficient.

Are you more of a professional player? Then we would strongly recommend the purchase of a gaming keyboard for over $100. These keyboards are very durable and offer many advantages and functions to help you play.

Alternatively, if your budget doesn’t allow it or if you are somewhere between casual gamers and professional players, I would recommend taking a look at the price range of $50-$100

Classical rubber dome or modern mechanical keyboards?

Rubber dome technology has dominated the keyboards for many years and is still used in many keyboards. Rubber dome means rubber mat. With this technique, a rubber elevation is pressed down to register a keystroke. A full keystroke is required to trigger the key.
On the other hand, mechanical keyboards are becoming increasingly popular. Although they are more expensive, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. They are more durable, the keystrokes require less force and you get noticeable feedback every time you press a key.

What are Rubber Dome Keyboards?

Many use one and almost everyone have used one. The Rubber dome keyboards have conquered the world mainly because of the low production costs. Under each key, there is a silicone or rubber tip, which ensures that the key jumps up again after pressing. The big advantage is that a continuous mat can be formed, which lies under all keys. The so-called rubber mat or translated Rubberdome. Of course, this is cheap to produce, but unfortunately, it also has some disadvantages. In comparison, mechanical keyboards use mechanical individual switches with a metal spiral spring. These have to be used individually for each key, which makes for considerably more work and increases costs. What advantages and disadvantages a Rubberdome keyboard has compared to the mechanical keyboard we will clarify now.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Rubberdome Keyboard

There are many Rubber dome keyboards on the market and many advertise with lots of frills. But what is behind it and how good are these keyboards really? The biggest advantage of the Rubberdome keyboard is its low price. Already starting from $15 the first copies for players are to be found, while one must already pay at least $70 for mechanical keyboards.

Unfortunately, the Rubberdome has hardly any other advantages over the mechanical keyboard. Just one more to be exact. A Rubberdome keyboard has a quiet keystroke while the mechanical keyboard is relatively loud.

There are many disadvantages. The lifespan of a Rubberdome keyboard is extremely shortened compared to the mechanical keyboard. Five million attacks till she gives up, about 50 million. You also have the problem that the keyboards wear out. The rubber domes under the keys gradually lose their original properties, which makes for an increasingly poorer writing experience. Many users are not even aware of this, as it is a creeping process and only realize it when they hold a new keyboard in their hands. Rubber dome keyboards are also less precise and have a higher key resistance. As a player who has to activate several keys at the same time, you should also pay attention to the so-called anti-ghosting. This describes the feature of being able to process several key commands simultaneously.

Pros and Cons of Rubber Dome Keyboards



  • Affordable
  • Little To No Noise



  • Lower Lifetime
  • Continuous Worsening Of The Writing Feeling
  • Higher Key Resistance
  • Less Accuracy



What are Mechanical Keyboards?

Many people ask themselves these questions the first time they hear about it. Actually, these have existed for a very long time and were widespread in the young age of the computer. Under the caps of the keys, there are mechanical individual switches with a spiral spring, which ensures that the key comes up again after pressing. The Rubber dome keyboards, on the other hand, which are the most widely used for cost reasons, are more semi-mechanical. These work with a kind of rubber or silicone tip, which pushes the button up again. We are now clarifying the advantages and disadvantages of this.

Advantages and disadvantages of mechanical keyboards

Mechanical keyboards often cost significantly more than the Rubber dome keyboards and often look less well equipped. But what justifies the increased price? One of the biggest advantages of the mechanical keyboard is its excellent durability. While keyboards with the Rubberdome technology only have a durability of about 5 million keystrokes, keyboards with mechanics have a lifetime of about 50 million keystrokes.

The typing feel of mechanical keyboards changes only marginally for years, while Rubber dome keyboards usually begin to deteriorate after weeks. The feedback from the keys becomes more and more inaccurate and the key feels more and more spongy until it finally stops working at all. Since this is a creeping process, the owners often do not notice the deterioration at all. Only when you hold a new keyboard in your hands will you become aware of this.
Further advantages are less effort required for typing. Especially people who spend several hours with the keyboard in one piece will be happy about it. It takes longer for signs of fatigue to appear. Overall, you’ll feel better when typing, resulting in better keypress feedback, less resistance, and precision.

An additional small disadvantage of mechanical keyboards is the volume they generate when typing. Depending on the switches used, this may vary. Overall, however, they are usually louder than Rubber dome keyboards. But you quickly get used to the sound and would even miss it if it were suddenly gone. When using a headset while playing, however, you can hardly hear the sound anyway.


Pros and Cons of Mechanical Keyboards



  • Longer Lifetime
  • Less Pressure needed
  • More precise
  • Better Feeling



  • More Expensive
  • You will hear the Noise


I can especially recommend mechanical keyboards to gamers who spend a lot of time with the keyboard. The advantages mentioned above make this technology particularly beneficial to you.

The different switches

Almost every mechanical keyboard uses the popular MX switches from Cherry. The four most famous and popular are used in almost every mechanical gaming keyboard. We are now addressing these and their characteristics. This is the best way to find out which ones are right for you.


MX Browns:

Especially suitable for All-rounder
The Cherry MX Brown switches are somewhere in terms of suitability a middle thing between an ideal writing keyboard and a pure gamer keyboard. When pressing, a slight resistance must be overcome, which gives noticeable feedback of the contact release. Hence the term tactile (perceptible). Since you can feel the two very close switching points very well, you not only write noticeably faster, but you can also trigger multiple clicks with very little stroke in succession. If you want to ride Arcade-Race with your keyboard and work off the rates for the house as a writer, you will surely have a lot of fun here. The pressing pressure is slightly lower than with the black switches, which promotes fatigue-free writing.

From: https://www.cherrymx.de/

MX Blues

Especially suitable for much-writer

The Cherry MX-Blue is a very tactile switch that not only reports a very precise switching point to the finger but also a very perceptible and above all audible click. For experienced users, the operation is virtually the royal class of mechanical writing, but the design for inexperienced users has slight disadvantages when triggering multiple clicks on one and the same key. Another disadvantage is the relatively high volume. But once you’ve gotten used to these keys, you won’t like any other kind. Especially for frequent writers, this design is the ultimate. Rubber and plastic solutions cannot even begin to stand up to this. Fatigue-free writing at the highest level, with the exception of the relatively small offset and hard transition, gaming is also possible at a very high level. You just have to practice.

From: https://www.cherrymx.de/

MX Blacks

Especially suited for Gamers

Cherry MX Black switches are purely linear (i.e. non-tactile) switches and are therefore ideally suited for first-person shooters. Since the keys are often and often completely struck in this type of gaming, a tactile pressure point or click is not necessary and in some scenarios even rather annoying. If you mistype often and like to do so, you will definitely benefit from the fact that the relatively high actuating force must first be overcome and thus you can avoid or even stop the accidental pressing of an undesired key. This switch type is the closest to the widely used gaming keyboards with non-mechanical switches in terms of characteristics, but offers much more reliability and feeling due to the high pressing pressure. These keyboards are also relatively quiet for mechanical switches.

From: https://www.cherrymx.de/

MX Reds

Especially suited for Gamers

The rarely found Cherry MX Red switches are a special form of the MX Black and are characterized by a very light pressure point and a low actuating force. With the exception of a few enthusiasts, keyboards with these switches did not find any buyers and have a niche existence due to the high error rate when writing.

From: https://www.cherrymx.de/



Additional useful functions

Gaming keyboards are characterized above all by additional functions, which provide advantages when playing and general use. These include macro keys, multimedia keys, lighting, display, and anti-ghosting.
Macro keys: These are additional keys on the keyboard that are not found on normal keyboards. These can be assigned functions such as specific key sequences or the opening of a specific program. MMORPG players, in particular, will benefit from this.

Multimedia keys: These are also additional keys that are already assigned certain functions. These mostly function like volume control or switching to the next song and some other things in this area.

Lighting: An illuminated keyboard looks pretty good and can also be practical if the room is completely dark and you need to look at the keyboard from time to time. However, if you do without it, you can save good money.

Display: A few keyboards offer an integrated display on which interesting statistics can be displayed.

Anti-Ghosting: This function describes the simultaneous execution of multiple keys. This is especially important for many gamers, as you have to press many keys simultaneously. Mechanical keyboards perform this function as standard.

Bottom Line

The right gaming keyboard can be found for every type of player and every budget. On our website, all suitable gaming keyboards are listed for you with all advantages and disadvantages, features and price comparisons. This way you can find the perfect keyboard for you and at the same time benefit from our price comparison by choosing the cheapest offer.





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