What you get from an ergonomic mouse

Why should you buy an ergonomic mouse, what is the point? Many people who have heard that word for the first time are probably wondering. What does an ergonomic mouse really offers and who needs one? In this article, I will clarify what you need to know and i will also explain what you should pay attention to when buying an ergonomic mouse.

Why an ergonomic mouse?

As the name suggests, an ergonomic mouse has a different shape than a normal mouse. The hand is often not straight on the mouse but something crooked. This has the purpose of relieving the arm and the hand.

Everyone probably knows it, you sit in front of your PC for a long time and have to work a lot with the mouse. After a few hours, pain develops in the hand and arm. It comes from the posture of the hand. The ergonomic mouse, on the other hand, changes this position and relaxes the hand and arm.

With an ergonomic mouse, you can work longer with the mouse without getting pain. Especially for people who work in an office, pain in hand and arm are part of everyday life.

Who needs an ergonomic mouse?

Anyone who works with the mouse on a PC for a long time actually needs an ergonomic mouse. Even if there’s no pain yet, you’ll certainly be there. So if you buy an ergonomic mouse now, you can prevent later complaints.

Mostly ergonomic mice are used for the office. There you work with the mouse for the longest time, but such a mouse is also an advantage for gamers.

If you have been working with the mouse for a long time and may already be in pain, you should switch to an ergonomic mouse to prevent later complaints.

Ergonomic mouse what is important?

First of all, you can say that ergonomic mice are designed to relieve pain and make using the mouse more comfortable. All ergonomic mice, therefore, have a special design, which should relieve the hand and the arm. So there is nothing special about the shape you need to pay attention to.
A second point is the pricing. There are ergonomic mice that promise you the blue of the sky and easily cost $100 or more. No one needs that, because the technology is the same. Good ergonomic mice are available for under $40.

Ergonomic Mouse What else to consider?

The last point you should pay attention to is the technique. A distinction is made between a wired mouse and one that works with wireless. Here it depends on the taste. Nowadays the cables have a sufficient length and are no longer really perceived as disturbing.

However, if you would like to have a wireless mouse, you should bear in mind that the batteries also need to be changed. On average every 3 months.

You don’t have to pay much more attention when buying an ergonomic mouse.


My Recommendation

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Anker Wireless Ergonomic Optical











  • 5 Buttons
  • Cableless
  • 1600 DPI


  • Not suitable for smaller Hands

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